Understand your Business

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Meet your new filing system. Manage your bookkeeping in real time. Know the true story of your business from financial reports and do-it-yourself with confidence.
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Understand your Business
Jane Bartel

The best Xero course you can possibly take!

Jane Bartel

I have been using Xero for awhile but always knew that I was barely touching the surface of what it could be doing for my jewelry business. Mariel takes you through the entire Xero journey from setup to reports. Finally I have a system for tracking my receipts online through Xero, connecting expenses to my contacts, understanding how to properly allocate expenses, tracking my inventory (through the brilliant integration with Shopify and BenchWorks). The reality is that Mariel knows Xero backwards and forwards. The course is laid out so that you can go back and re-read, re-listen, re-watch everything. The monthly call is worth the price of the class alone. If you really want to learn how to run your company using Xero you need this class.
Christine Huber, Christine Huber Design

This is really putting me in the driver’s seat!

Christine Huber, Christine Huber Design

I love the course and it’s amazing. I’ve used an accountant to clean up my books in the past, but still felt like I didn’t know how to run my business, and this is really putting me in the driver’s seat! I signed up for the Gold Membership b/c I wanted the extras, and it’s still less than paying for an accountant. Thank you for creating it, it’s been exactly what I needed.
Wendy Hively, Charliemadison Originals

Made it so easy to get started right away.

Wendy Hively, Charliemadison Originals

This class helped me to get my business finances under control! I would never have figured out how to use Xero on my own and Mariel's easy explanations and wonderful tutorials made it so easy to get started right away.
Sara, Pillar of Salt Studio

I had big accounting questions...

Sara, Pillar of Salt Studio

I had big accounting questions, felt completely overwhelmed and stressed out. Mariel's confident and personal response was such a relief. I took the DIY course and it has been one of the best things I have done for my jewelry business. It really does make a difference to have someone knowledgeable in running a jewelry business AND an accounting professional helping get your accounts set up properly. I love Xero. Way better than Quickbooks. I feel confident that sales tax is being handled correctly, that my expenses are being correctly categorized, and I love the report features Xero offers--with a click I can see instantly how the month is adding up. And the inventory spreadsheet has been such a godsend!

This is right for you if...

you have a business or are the bookkeeping point-person and find yourself nodding yes to any of these:

  • you’re struggling to make sense of where you stand

  • aren’t confident you’ve been doing things correctly

  • are no longer happy with your existing system

  • rush once a year to consolidate all your receipts for taxes

  • feel like your books are a mess

You'll be able to...

build a better business with Xero

  • improve cash flow and save money

  • improve efficiency and save time

  • stay in the know

  • keep your business information safe

  • stay in control of your finances

  • enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere

  • present a professional you

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